Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Preppy / Nautical Wedding - Guilford Yacht Club, CT

During the summer weekends the Guilford Yacht Club is like a second home to me, I'm pretty much there all the time setting up and working events for Jordan Caterers-Design-Event Planners I love to see what new and different ideas the Brides for that weekend will come up with. Now the yacht club speaks for itself, come on it is beautiful there, the building is almost new, the view is incredible but the themes and colors that the brides are working with make the place that much more interesting to look at. And this wedding was no exception, the Bride had some fantastic new details I hadn't seen yet. This wedding was a nice balance between a preppy and a nautical theme. The mix of pinks and navy blue made for a wonderful choice for a wedding at a yacht club.

Now this was a bride who was very creative and crafty and had the details all thought out. Definitely my kind of bride! The colors were super coordinated even down to the favors; navy blue flip flops with thank you tags hanging from delicate pink polka dot ribbons. She even creatively named the tubs holding the flip flops "Gulls" and "Buoys" for girls and boys. How cute is that? The centerpieces were alternating between simple silver lanterns and square glass vases filled with pink peonies, roses and hydrangea, gorgeous. The cake was adorable, adorned with starfish, pink hydrangea, even little Adirondack chairs.

The nautical theme played out during cocktail hour, with steal drums playing in the background. Waitstaff passed delicious key lime martini's and shrimp cocktail delicately placed in a mini martini glass of their own.

This was a super cute wedding and very well done...props to the organized and crafy Bride!

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