Monday, August 31, 2009

"Art in Good Taste" at Ives Farm

The morning brought plenty of rain as myself and other artists carried our artwork from our cars to our designated areas under the working greenhouse. Bails of hay helped shape our space and soon my little area was filled with many of my framed photographs, not too shabby.

As the evening neared to a start the rain finally stopped, and the heat & humidity stayed away long enough for the event to be a success. "Art in Good Taste" was a night hosted by the Cheshire Land Trust to celebrate their 40th Anniversary at the historic Ives Farm. This was a great night for local artists and art lovers alike. There was a nice variety of wine to taste, yummy food and an array of artistic talent flowing throughout the greenhouse.
I hope that this will continue as a one of Cheshire's annual traditions, I would love to be part of this again. Thanks to all who came out and supported a wonderful, local cause.

My talented brother-in law, Tim brought along some of his beautiful one of a kind pottery pieces. He's pictured here with my sister, Kristy (owner of Cheshire Frame & Art Gallery in Cheshire, CT) who helped organize the event and lended her helping hand to all the artists who needed asistance hanging their pieces and preparing their booths. Thank you Kristy!

Here's a little information on the true importance of the event...
"When Betty Ives died in 2006, she turned the property over to the Cheshire Land Trust to preserve and manage. For 40 years, the farm has been operational and, after Ives died, long time farmer Tim Casey continued to manage the daily operations at Ives Farm. The event is being used as a fundraiser for the Land Trust, which operates as a non-profit organization. The money raised from the event will specifically go to help restore a dilapidated old barn on the property."

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Friday, August 21, 2009

I've been slacking :(

I'm sad to say that I've been slacking on updating the blog lately. I am so busy now that I'm back working as an Assistant Event Planner at Jordan Caterers ( on the weekends, during what used to be my free time.
The nice thing about being back part-time in the crazy, high stress environment of weddings is seeing all the new and different ideas Brides have for decor and details. While some of their inspiration might come from magazines many of the Brides-to-be have been planning their "special day" in some capacity since they were old enough to talk, so they have a pretty clear idea of what they want. I will start posting some of the creative details I've seen so far this wedding season. I love when Brides pick personal and unique ideas to incorporate into their wedding, it makes the day that much more special and memorable and separates one wedding from the next.
So stay tuned for some of my pics/posts about these weddings . . .