Sunday, July 5, 2009

Magic Wings Butterfly Garden

Okay, I love this place! I could spend hours just hanging out there snapping shots of all the pretty butterflies. Here are just a few of the photos I took, can't wait to go was so pretty and peaceful.

Courtney & Dominic - Engagement

I've finally had a moment to breathe and post the engagment photos of Courtney & Dominic. These two are great, and I am so happy they've chosen me to document their wedding next June, I can't wait. I've know both of these guys for ever and they are too cute and so in love. I had a blast photographing these two, it was super easy to get a smile out of them because they are already so happy :)

For the second part of the photo shoot we headed down to the Cheshire Firehouse. Which was a great idea, thanks Dom. The guys at the station were peaking around the side of the truck to catch a glimpse of these two posing and to also do a little heckling. But Dom hung in there and tried to pretend that they weren't there and just kept smiling. Thanks for being a good sport Dom, you got some great shots because of it.

The wedding countdown is on...less than 1 year left to go, woohoo!!!